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Archive for February 2010

So I tend to smell a little funky after a few days from being at the beach. 😛 sue me.


Just once…ONCE…can the cleaning lady not come when I’m just about to have breakky?! Barked my head off but didn’t work.
The Humans are way too clean for their own good.

You’re NOT leaving me and going to work!! @(^@#$&!!

Ok, so I ate something bad and now I’m being fed Digene eeyuck. Is it my fault I’m curious?!!

The vet had warned the humans that I’d be eating junk due to the teething period…and I did. Can’t remember what it was, but oooh…my tummy was rumbling so bad this morning. Did a majestic poo in three areas of the garden and threw up on the front door. Akki No. 2 discovered it and said it was NOT a sight to see in the morning.

Don’t feel like having breaky or my milk. Going to mope around with my bad tum, but a little TLC is highly due. Let’s see how far that’ll go


They left the bathroom door open today.

I ate a whole tissue roll.


Not a very original line BUT, Mr. E my groomer came over and gave me a haircut. Totally awesome. This tropical weather’s been killing me. Really.


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